Ada Accessible Showers

Bathroom bathtub


Convert your 3’ x 5’ bathtub space to an ADA accessible shower with our system in as little as 3-days*, from start to finish. DEMO – PREP – INSTALL.

Accessibility needs can change quickly in a home and Metro Kitchen and Bath, working directly with Arlington Marble, can deliver products and services that will ensure a Safe, Affordable and Attractive solution is provided to make an ADA Accessible Shower conversion from your existing tub space, in as little as three days.

Convert your old, unsightly tub area in as little as 3-days to a beautiful, ADA Accessible, solid surface shower.


Inside dimensions: 36” x 60” x 82” 3-wall shower enclosure made from solid surface materials with easy to maintain gelcoat finish.

Grout-free joints.

ADA compliant fold-up seat, grab bar, & soap dish.

Color – White

  • Barrier Free Entry shower base (wheel chair accessible).

  • Base and walls are solid surface materials (no grout) for easy maintenance.

  • Equipped with: grab bar, folding seat, soap dish or niche, mixing valve & vacuum breaker

  • Provided by others: curtain rod and curtain

Bathroom design

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