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About Our Company

About Arlington Marble

Inspiring, Beautiful, Creations™

For almost 50 years, Arlington Marble has been helping their clients create the look and feel they want to achieve with their new home, commercial or remodel project. When the project is done right, the result is nothing less than Inspiring. The quality and variety of natural and engineered stone products are simply Beautiful. We believe that your new home, remodeling, or commercial project is just as important to us as it is to you. We’ll help you create the end result with our years of experience and project know-how.
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Pioneering Innovations

The Story of Arlington Marble

Gene Johnson founded Arlington Marble in 1972, after spending several years traveling across the United States and internationally, helping start-up cultured marble shops as an emerging technology for vanities, tubs, showers, and countertops. The advancement of cultured marble brought new options for color, style, and selection to kitchen countertops, vanities, bathtubs, and showers and Gene Johnson was one of the early pioneers in the industry. In fact, Gene and his father, Fred Johnson, designed and built the first monolithic-pour cultured marble bathtub and began to market the product in the late 70’s. The original tub mold still exists today.

Arlington Marble grew into one of the largest providers of vanities, tubs, and showers in the DFW metroplex, and in the late 80’s and early 90’s, more than 6 smaller start-up companies were formed out of the original Arlington Marble Inc. business team, and Gene helped most of them get up and running.

Generational Evolution

A Journey from Stone Slabs to Modernization

In the early 1990’s Gene’s son, Chris Johnson, took over the business and expanded the product line to include natural and engineered stone slabs for kitchen countertops and also included and a variety of repair/remodel services.
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In June, 2018, Chris sold the business to his sister and brother-in-law, Philip & Ashley Shoults. They have an aggressive plan to re-capitalize the facility, expand production capabilities with modern equipment and broaden the product offering to meet the growing needs of new construction and repair/remodeling projects for their customers.

50 Years of Excellence

Pioneers in Kitchen, Bath, and Countertop Solutions

Arlington Marble is one of the oldest, continuously running family-owned businesses in the kitchen, bath, and countertop space, having been in the DFW metroplex for almost 50 years. We have sustained the business with honest, fair dealings with our customers, providing the highest quality products and services, and working diligently to make sure your project is an INSPIRING, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIONS™.

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